Monday - 14:05 - Soccer (Outdoors) P2
14:05 - Fundamentals (Cricket skills) P3
14:05 - Lego (P2)

15:05 - Soccer (outdoors) P4/5

15:05 - Science Craft (P5)
Tuesday - 14:05 - Music (P2/3)
14:05 - Netta (Junior netball) P2/3 - girls
15:05 - Gaelic Football (outdoors(Strandtown)) P5-7
15:05 - Netball (P6/7 - girls)

Wednesday - 14:05 - Soccer (outdoors) P3

15:05 - Soccer (P6/7)
Thursday - 15:05 - Couch to 5K (P4-7)
15:05 - Irish Dancing (P1-7)
Friday -  15:05 - Gardening (P4-7)

The Eco Council is also made up of eight pupils from P4 to P7. They meet regularly to discuss environmental issues and how we can make St.Joseph's more 'green'.

Eco Council

Primary seven pupils spend twenty minutes per week listening to the primary one pupils read, offering them encouragement and tips on how to improve.

P1 Mentoring

The Choir is taken by Mrs Jacqui Vance each Thursday afternoon and comprises of around eighty pupils! This year they have competed in various festivals, performed at charity events and at our school Sacramental celebrations.

At St.Joseph's we have a range of after-schools clubs which appeal to the interests of the pupils whilst also aiding their holistic development.

We ask that the fee for each club is paid in advance on the first day of the session. Fees can be given to the class teacher (clearly labelled with the child’s name and club) to be forwarded to Mrs Hamill. If any money has already been paid, please deduct this from your payment and mark it on your envelope. For more detail on Irish dancing, or to register your child, please contact Fiona on 07964 852 962. Fees for this club are £4 per class.

Our school council comprises of eight pupils from P4 to P7. At the start of each academic year all pupils elect a representive for their class. The eight councillors meet regularly with Mr Donaldson to convey the thoughts and opinions of their classmates. They also debate ways to improve school life and consider potential involvement in future fundraising initiatives.

School Council


After-School Clubs

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